A Couple of Nuns Help Nab a Thief

From the AP:

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) – Thou shalt not steal—especially within sight of a convent. Police are crediting a pair of nuns with helping nab a gun-toting man suspected of burglarizing two homes Thursday morning.Around 7 a.m., Sister Catarina glanced out a window of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist convent and spotted a suspicious man walking through a soybean field. She and Sister Connie headed outside to see if the man was lost or hunting illegally.

The nuns saw the man was carrying a shotgun, boxing gloves and other items. When they began to question him, the man ran into nearby woods.
Sister Catarina gave chase, wearing her ankle-length habit and flip-flops. He got away, but the 49-year-old nun was able to describe him later to police, who made an arrest.

Kudos to these two women. I’m glad the man wasn’t evil enough to just shoot them. I imagine if it gets out how he got caught, his stay in prison would be even less pleasant than normal.

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