If at First You Don’t Succeed

Try Try again. The hardest part of my summer quarter is coming to a close, so I’m going to try this starting a blog thing anew. Here’s a random tidbit I read about in the news.

HASLETT, Mich. (AP) – Divine intervention? Or just plain luck? No matter what the circumstances, a Michigan church is $70,000 richer courtesy of the Michigan Lottery. The Covenant Life Worship Center and its 25 members in Haslett, Mich. had one of the second-prize tickets in the Lucky 7s raffle held May 4.The $10 ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Haslett, five miles northeast of downtown Lansing. The lottery Web site says the odds of a single ticket winning $70,000 in Lucky 7s are one in 55,556. Michigan Lottery officials say the church will receive the full amount of the prize because it is a tax-exempt group.

Pastor Marilyn Parmelee tells the Lansing State Journal that the prize money will go toward the church building fund, setting up a missionary fund and supporting local community service projects.

Even if the absurd plan worked, what church in their right mind would think such a thing is alright? I am not vociferously anti-gambling or anything, but for a church to squander its resources on lottery tickets is a level of perverse absurdity that reaches critical mass. Here is a handy chart to demonstrate.church funds

If Jim West were here, he might say it is downright depraved!

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