A Real Life Dialogue

*crossposted from my personal blog*

This evening I went to a tea shop to get Ashleigh a kind of tea she likes made with milk and tapioca pearls. When I finished ordering the following dialogue ensued:

Asian Lady at the Register: Are you Irish?

Me: Uh, why?

Lady: You look like a cartoon of an Irish person.

Me: I look like a cartoon? I think I look Irish to you because of the red beard.

Lady: And you are wearing a green shirt and a hat (I’m wearing a gray fedora) like the cartoons.

Me: Well I’m not really Irish?

Lady: Oh Really, not at all?

Me: Well, maybe some, we are a mix of English, Scottish, and Irish I think

Lady: Oh you are Irish, I knew it.

So basically, she thought I looked like a leprechaun…a 6’2″ leprechaun

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