The Constitution: The 28th Book of the New Testament

This the actual text (complete with image) taken from the facebook of an older man I had some undergraduate classes with. I find myself as much disturbed by the fact that a former colleague of mine could write this as by the fact that he got a boatload of hearty affirmations and amens. The church cannot look like this. Pray for this man

Good Morning My Conservative Brothers and Sisters In Christ,
It is an Honor, it is Good and by God’s Grace that we meet here and not on the battlefield in
the war to restore our Constitutional Republic. I look forward to
sharing with you the information I receive on the usurpation of our
Constitution, by those known to be practicing tyranny after swearing their oath, to God,
to protect the very document they now incrementally dismantle. Below you
will find the tools necessary to be Victorious against the evil that threatens our God Given Rights and our Nation, in His name…These tools are
Scripture: God’s word for strength… and our 2nd Amendment: to protect us from those who would commit Treasonous and Tyrannical acts against us. “If God be with us, what man can stand
against us?”
May God bless us all much and often and may God bless and save our Republic.

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  1. Doug Jackson
    September 5, 2010 at 5:28 am

    He seems to have been studying the Book of Armaments.

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