New Critical Greek Text Coming? *Updated with Scan* *Update 2: Mystery solved*

I just received a letter in the mail from SBL with my ID card, tote ticket, etc. It also contained a ticket to claim a free copy of what it called an all new critical edition of the Greek New Testament. It was titled the SBL Greek New Testament and the website was listed on the ticket. The website consists of the SBL logo and the words “Coming Soon” though the website was registered and is run by Logos who is also sponsoring the giveaway. Does anyone out there know what this is referring to? Is this somehow related to the NA28? Perhaps some of those big brains out there in  the blogosphere know what is going on.


For people wondering what the heck I’m talking about, here is a scan of the ticket included:


*Update 2*

I received a message with the following link:

It turns out the the SBL GNT is a text edited by Michael Holmes, who has an excellent edition of the apostolic fathers, based on the Westcott-Hort text with some textual variants. The whole goal seems to be to provide free access to the GNT and apparatus. I applaud the SBL and Logos for going to the trouble and freeing in some small way the text from the oppressive clutches of the DBG. (You know, the guys who shut down all the cool websites with access to the GNT [R.I.P. Zhubert/ReGreek]) Until more details come out it will be hard to tell just how useful this text will be, but at the least it will provide some open access.

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