My(Jeremiah) SBL itinerary:


8:15-9:00am              Annual Meeting Orientation

9:00-11:30am            Theological Hermeneutics

1:00-2:30pm              Getting a PhD

4:00-6:30pm              Development of Early Trinitarian Theology

8:30-10:00pm            Member’s Reception

10:00-11:30pm         Student Members Reception



7:30-8:30am              IBR Worship

9:00-11:30am            Pauline Epistles: Paul and Cosmology

1:00-3:30pm              Pauline Soteriology: The “Cosmos” in Paul’s Soteriology

4:00-6:30pm              Disability Studies: Disability in the NT and G-R world

7:00-11:00pm            Receptions/Chatting



7:30-9:00am              Fuller Alumni Breakfast

9:00-11:30am            Historical Jesus/John, Jesus, and History: Use of John in Historical Jesus Research

1:00-3:30pm              Blogger and Online Publication Section

4:00-6:30pm              Cross, Resurrection, and Diversity in Earliest Christianity?

7:00-on                         Open time



9:00-11:30am           Economics in the Biblical World: Problems and Prospects


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