SBL 2010: Quick Thoughts

I’ve got quite a few things from SBL to blog about including two SBL themed comics, but I thought in between working on papers I’d just recap SBL with a list of Bests:

Best Session Overall: The Biblioblogging session was the most fun and laid back I’d ever experienced. The atmosphere was very congenial, and I didn’t even mind that Joel Watts kept interrupting the presentations with “Yes We Can!”

Best Discussion: While the discussion in the biblioblogging session was cool, I rather enjoyed the discussion in the Theological Hermeneutics session. I especially appreciated the comments of Prof. Moberly despite his rather verbose way of asking the question. I was mainly just glad to see people wrestling with the subject in like manner as myself.

Best Blogger in Real Life: I hate to say it, but Joel Watts seemed like a fun guy. I mean, everyone knows that WV Democrats can schmooze with the best of them, but after meeting Joel Watts my first thought was: I could knock back some beer discussing Chrysostom with that guy!

Nicest Scholar: This one goes to Daniel Kirk for buying Ashleigh and I an expensive Fuller Alumni breakfast and being extraordinarily nice the whole conference. I think he was just being friendly so I wouldn’t point out his heretical Arian readings of the Gospels to the rest of the class next quarter. Honorable mention goes to Kathy Maxwell only because Kathy is so nice it is no longer surprising, otherwise she would surely take pride of place for our delightful three hour conversation.

Nicest Blogger in Real Life: Rick Brannan just came across as a genuinely nice guy. I got the impression that no matter what level of knowledge you have about Greek, Textual Criticism, etc. that he would be happy to talk with you.

Happiest Presenter: I don’t know why he was so happy, but James McGrath spent his entire presentation looking like a kid on Christmas. His happiness was rather infectious.

Best Paper: I absolutely loved Beverly Gaventa’s paper on Cosmology in Romans. I was struck by her notion that what moves Paul is not the majesty of creation but rather its captivity to the powers. This tracks rather well with my own examination of the matter recently, but of course Prof. Gaventa articulates the idea much more clearly than one such as myself could hope.

Best Book Deal: HALOT for 99 bucks! Enough said.

Best Hero Sighting: Larry Hurtado got on the escalator behind me. I said nothing. I have a little self-respect.

Best Random Encounter: Lars Olov Eriksson happened to end up at the same breakfast table as us at the Fuller breakfast thing. He was very refreshing and had some encouraging thoughts about marriage and doctoral work. He was just an all around delightful individual.

More to come!

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  1. Ashleigh
    November 25, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Darling Dear, what is the difference between the “best” blogger and the “nicest” blogger? :-P

  2. November 26, 2010 at 11:29 am

    Shhh. I couldn’t choose

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