Kirk Rule Alpha

I’m instituting a new rule prompted by Daniel Kirk recently publishing his second book. I’ve decided that when friends or colleagues publish more than one book, I am thereby obligated to read the book published before their most recent one. Or, to put it another way, I will not get more than 1 book behind when it comes to reading the works of friends and colleagues. On account of this new rule, I’ve decided to blog through Unlocking Romans so that I can keep myself accountable and so that I’ll have a place to point out everything that Daniel gets wrong (since, you know, everyone thinks they have the right way to read Romans). You may also have noticed the rule is marked by an alpha, which perhaps might indicate a beta. Such a beta does not at this time exist, but I feel certain that given Daniel’s vast experience and qualifications in the field that I will one day learn something about homebrewing from him. All that to say: Be on the lookout for rambling, quasi-reflective, and semi-critical blog posts on Unlocking Romans. I’m thinking I’ll post them on Mondays, but who knows if I’ll stick to that.

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