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Good-bye Her.meneutics!

Friends, the time has finally come for me to remove a link from my blogroll, something which I don’t believe I’ve ever had to do.

When Christianity Today first began its Her.meneutics blog, I was excited by the promise of interesting theological reflection and cultural critique from a female perspective.  I’d long been bitter over the lack of women’s voices at blogs like Out of Ur, which caters to a “Christian leader” audience and boasts zero regular female writers.  While having the women segregated off at Her.meneutics is not necessarily ideal, I read numerous posts that were interesting and thoughtful—some even feministy!—and thought it was worth a link.

My enthusiasm for Her.meneutics has been waning significantly over the last couple years.  I’m not certain if the editors there would be able to pinpoint a shift in the blog’s tone, but at some point it did take a decided turn toward idiocy.  There are certainly decent posts every now and then, but for months, I haven’t been able to visit the site without becoming angry.  Still, because it was interesting (in its own way) and because I was lazy, I did not remove it from my blogroll…. But the time has come.

The last straw was a post that compares Hobby Lobby to the martyred St. Stephen and encourages Christians to believe the ridiculous and unscientific lie that the hormonal birth control causes abortions.  It’s offensive to me as a Christian, as a woman, and as someone with a brain.  Other great contenders for worst post ever include a piece about a Jewish Christian who apparently thinks she can follow Jesus while living a settlement in the West Bank (?!?) and a piece that hated on vibrators.  There were some other pretty bad ones, but those are the ones that really stick out.  ;-)

I do think a few of the posts at Her.meneutics are worthwhile… but the editors obviously have no filter.  I don’t have time to pan for gold, and I feel a little awkward about “recommending” a blog publishing so much that is downright disgusting.

So good-bye Her.meneutics!  We will only sort of miss laughing/crying/raging at you.

(As a sort of addendum, I really think that part of why I always followed Her.meneutics is that I hoped I could maybe write for them one day, less because I loved them and more because I saw it as an actually plausible place for me to gain an audience as a woman writing on religious topics.  I’m pretty certain I have not endeared myself to them by writing this blog post, so I guess that dream is shot, eh?)

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  2. I laughed when I read this because I deleted Her.meneutics from my reader this week. :fistbump:

  3. “I’m pretty certain I have not endeared myself to them by writing this blogpost, so I guess that dream is shot, eh?”

    Well, you could always embrace the dream of becoming a regular commenter on Fred Clark’s “The Slacktivist” website.

  4. I couldn’t imagine what Her.meneutics could have against vibrators. Then I read the article. I got confused, then angry. Then I wrote about how very very wrong they were here:
    I couldn’t even get through the whole article in one post. This is only part one!

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