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Super Cool

One of my favorite bibliobloggers is Rick Brannon, because he can be guaranteed to deliver one of two things: an interesting post in some way involving Koine or adorable pictures of his kid. Rick actually was the first biblioblogger I ever followed and led to the discovery of Chris Brady, Jim West, and the rest of the biblioblogging community. I… Read more →

Jim West Files Controversial Copyright

Famed Biblioblogger Jim West has taken the extremely controversial step of copyrighting the phrase “total depravity” (and variants on this phrase) in an apparent bid to protect what has become the central focus of his blog. Confronted with the prospect of  copycats after a recent posting by Doug Chaplain, West made the move to be the exclusive legal user of… Read more →

I bring good tidings of great joy to all people!

Indeed I do.  Why, you might ask?  And who am I anyway? This is Jeremiah’s fiancée, Ashleigh, brought on board Walking Toward Jerusalem with the purpose of adding yet another female voice to the biblioblogging world.  I told you there was good news! Unfortunately I don’t know much about Luke-Acts.  But I am, like my almost-husband, a master’s student at… Read more →


This is the first of hopefully many posts on this new biblioblog. I’m not really sure what the format will be, but you can expect lots of posts about both Luke-Acts and biblical studies in general. You can also expect a random musing or article I want to share with you. My name is Jeremiah and I am an M.A.T.… Read more →