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A Child’s Controversial Portrayal of the Seventh Station of the Cross

10 year old aspiring photographer Jackson Potts II created this stirring artistic representation of the seventh station of the cross. Unfortunately, the work has been suppressed for its supposedly objectionable content despite arising out of a confessional understanding of Christ and desiring only to make stark the innocence of Jesus in enduring his sufferings. If it makes us think hard… Read more →

A New Non-Partisan Christian Approach to Politics

I’m sick of politics. I don’t like what politicians do, how they run campaigns, how they fashion rhetoric, or how they divide the body of Christ for their own filthy ends. I get a little heartbroken when I think about how much money is donated by average folks to support the campaigns of politicians they like. For example, the campaigns… Read more →

Quote of the Month

So this Sunday if you want to strike a blow for freedom and justice, don’t burn a Koran – read a Bible. Then do what it says – feed the hungry, visit the sick, shelter the poor all in the name of Jesus. Do it to the point of inconvenience, if not of actual suffering. – Doug Jackson If you… Read more →