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Jarring Juxtapositions: The Hypocrisy of the Religious Right

The good old Religious Right, RR for short, has been getting on my nerves a lot lately. Politically, I am not a leftist in the slightest, but my politics are based on pragmatic views which I willingly allow to be subverted by the Bible. That means that I might think a given economic system works the best, but the ethical… Read more →

Evangelical Logic: Birth Control and Government

If: 1. Abortion is immoral 2. Birth control reduces abortions 3. Government mandates that increase the cost of insurance are equivalent to wealth redistribution 4. Wealth redistribution is immoral 5. The government mandate reduces abortion and redistributes wealth Then: Opposition to government mandate indicates wealth redistribution is more immoral than abortion, therefore money is of higher value than human life. Read more →

Further Thoughts on Immigration: Where my Fellow Conservatives Get it Wrong

I have been reflecting on immigration lately, spurred by the subject of the book I just read (generally rather than its content).  I probably get some things wrong politically, but I at least have sense enough to know that God’s grace covers both those of long memory and the asses that oppose them. I find that the rhetoric of people… Read more →

Book Review: The Immigration Crisis by James Hoffmeier

Of the modern political controversies, the question surrounding illegal immigration is the one that causes me the most self-doubt. I have long held that contempt of law should never be rewarded and that amnesty is not the proper response. However, in the last few years, God has taught me to love justice. My compassion for the immigrant wars with the… Read more →