Category: Ponderings

Coincidence or Reference to Failed Messiah?

I recently re-read A Game of Thrones┬áby George R.R. Martin, and at a certain point one of the characters mentions a legendary knight whose name seemed purposefully similar to a real historical figure. “‘There was a knight once who couldn’t see, ‘ Bran said stubbornly, as Ser Rodrik went on below. ‘Old Nan told me about him.’…’Symeon Star-Eyes,’ Luwin said… Read more →

A New Non-Partisan Christian Approach to Politics

I’m sick of politics. I don’t like what politicians do, how they run campaigns, how they fashion rhetoric, or how they divide the body of Christ for their own filthy ends. I get a little heartbroken when I think about how much money is donated by average folks to support the campaigns of politicians they like. For example, the campaigns… Read more →

A Brief Ethical Question

Suppose that technology sufficiently advanced to allow for the creation of artificial intelligence, and self-aware human-like robots were created. Would it be ethical for Christians to create an imitation of the image in the first place, and if so, what would be required ethically in the treatment of such creatures? Could one satisfactorily argue that the appearance and behavior of… Read more →